Grow herbs and vegetables on your windowsill. No green thumbs needed.
Growing simplified
Botanium is a compact, easy and effortless way of growing. Its a hydroponic pot, which means it grows plants like chilies, herbs and tomatoes without soil. It waters the plants automatically. The result? Faster growth and no need to worry about over or under watering. Leave it for a month and get back to a healthy plant.

Botanium is a simple planter that takes care of the boring parts of growing and lets you enjoy the fun parts. All you need to do is to fill the water tank every now and then, and add some nutrients (included)
What you can grow
Grow herbs like basil, oregano or mint. Or chili, tomatoes or strawberries. Botanium works especially well with thirsty plants that normally would require very frequent watering. Grow guides for different plants are available on our blog.
Hydro what..?
Hydroponics is simply growing without soil. The roots need water, nutrients and oxygen, all of which can be provided in a more efficient way than in soil. Botanium's porous growing medium absorbs a lot of water, while also providing an aerated environment for the roots. The benefit of this is not only quicker growth and more control, but it is also a simpler approach to growing.

The plant is automatically watered several times per day with nutrient-rich water. The excess water is drained through the bottom of the growing container and is collected in the water tank so it can be reused. The included nutrients are easily added with a pipette and the amount you need to add depends on the plants you are growing.
How to start growing
1. Put your Botanium on a bright spot, either by a window or under a lamp.
2. Fill the water tank with water and nutrients
3. Put growing medium in the growing container
4. Plant your seeds.
5. Connect it to an electrical outlet.

After you have connected it, Botanium will water the plant several times per day, and it can’t be overwatered thanks to the special growing medium.
What's included in the box
  •  - Botanium
     - Growing medium
     - Nutrients
     - User guide
     - Wall plug
The dimensions of the product is: 136 mm (5.3") x 250 mm (9.8")

If you live in US or Canada, buy the Botanium package without seeds. You can use any seeds you like in Botanium, but if you wanna grow chili and tomatoes, we recommend compact varieties. Buy seeds from you local store or at, for instance.
Grow indoors
Botanium works fine on a bright windowsill as it is, but If you live in a cold and dark country, you need extra light during the winter. But you don’t need a special “growing light” - just put your plant under a standard CFL, fluorescent lamp or LED. As long as it’s not an old incandescent light bulb, the plants will grow, even in the grimmest of winters.
Available in three colors
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Botanium (with seeds)
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